by Modest and Furious

Mnemonic Devices

"Mnemonic devices" is an immersive art project that seeks to encode memories brimming with emotions into a graphic language that remains invisible to the human eye but is easily decipherable by a dedicated scanner. The core concept of this project is rooted in the idea that diverse forms of information, ranging from mesmerizing poems to testimonies of individuals with tragic destinies, can be seamlessly embedded within the visual fabric of estranged images.
Living in a global village exposes us daily to a wide spectrum of experiences, encompassing both horror and the sublime, injustice and suffering, as well as moments of rapture. While ugliness can often be unbearable, beauty itself can be daunting. The allure to deny these extremes becomes potent, especially when personal or collective guilt is stirred.
However, the books we have cherished, the victims of human madness, and the countless events that have shaped our lives are invaluable memories and significant warnings that deserve to be prominently displayed before our eyes. With this conviction, I employ signifier modules such as Quick Response (QR) codes as graphic mosaic tiles.
These symbols enable the condensation of textual information into small icons, effectively creating a short circuit between two languages: that of images and that of industrial codes, repurposed from their original function.
In a society flooded with explicit, instantaneous, and incessant communication, there is a tendency to avert our gaze from shocking information. Conversely, a veiled message kindles curiosity and can elicit a response. To capture the viewer's attention from a distance, I present potentially pleasant images like still lifes, portraits, or universal icons such as flags. Upon closer analysis, however, the image unveils itself as a mosaic of QR codes, beckoning to be read. My intention is to trick the viewer by leveraging the curiosity that QR codes often evoke in today's world.
In this series of works, I specifically address political, environmental, and social issues that cast shadows over seemingly culturally advanced communities or countries. Additionally, I aim to stimulate the viewer's sense of play by offering them the opportunity to discover or rediscover fragments of beauty in the form of poems, aphorisms, and puns.
Once the viewer becomes acquainted with the concealed content of one of my works, I anticipate that every subsequent encounter with the piece will trigger a momentary recollection, even if unconsciously, of the most profound and invisible aspects, be it the horrors lurking in our world or the beauty that lies tantalizingly close. These "friendly reminders," reinforced by dint of glances, gradually seep into the chambers of memory that are permeable to the light of our consciousness. Eventually, they construct a memory engine, fueling inspiration and motivating action or re-action in our personal, social, and political endeavors.
In essence, my artworks accommodate multiple messages, where our ghosts, as well as our refuge islands, remain hidden in plain sight. It is the viewer's prerogative to choose whether to uncover them or not and, having done so, to contemplate their significance. Mnemonics invites contemplation and prompts individuals to consider how these fragments of hidden knowledge can shape their perceptions and guide their actions in the realms of personal, social, and political spheres.

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